Book Spotlight:Remnants of Severed Chains #poetry

Remnants of Severed Chains is a collection of over forty new poems by Kyrian Lyndon, author of A Dark Rose Blooms. This book continues with the same intensity as A Dark Rose, running the gamut of complex emotions that resonate with many. The author explains in the book’s preface that Remnants is about the process of healing and recovery, the willingness to learn and evolve. Thus, she embraces life’s astounding and most personal revelations-afflictions, addictions and relationships, the good and the bad, capturing life’s most devastating moments along with its celebratory moments of beauty and joy. Kyrian’s exceptional handling of language to create vivid images has won her high praise. Rest assured, Remnants of Severed Chains is a uniquely moving experience that readers will enjoy. Cover design by Jah Kaine via jerboa Design


What I enjoyed most about reading Remnants is how the poems flow into one another with great conviction. The ebb and flow of innocence begins the book. I felt like I was the child seeing and feeling as what is beautifully described in the poems. But that’s only the beginning. Each poem engulfs a new perspective from the eyes of a young woman who feels darkness, light, and victory. I was so happy the book ended on an inspiring note and I look forward to more poetry by Ms. Lyndon.

Review by Laurie Kozlowski   Goodreads | LibraryThing | Twitter | Amazon

Remnants of Severed Chains is the second poetry book by Kyrian Lyndon. The first book, A Dark Rose Blooms and her most recent publications, events, and blog can be found at 


Excerpt from A Dark Rose Blooms

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Recent Books From Kyrian Lyndon:


Provenance of Bondage is a YA fiction-suspense novel.

Excerpt from Provenance of Bondage

Review of Provenance of Bondage soon to come




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