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Beneath the glitter of dazzling 19th-century London Society lurks a bloodthirsty evil…

Vampires have always lived among them, quietly attacking unsuspecting debutantes and dandified lords as well as hackney drivers and Bond Street milliners. If not for the vampire slayers of the Gardella family, these immortal creatures would have long taken over the world.

In every generation, a Gardella is called to accept the family legacy, and this time, Victoria Gardella Grantworth is chosen, on the eve of her debut, to carry the stake.

But as she moves between the crush of ballrooms and dangerous, moonlit streets, Victoria’s heart is torn between London’s most eligible bachelor, the Marquess of Rockley, and her enigmatic ally, Sebastian Vioget.

And when she comes face to face with the most powerful vampire in history, Victoria must ultimately make the choice between duty and love.


Book One in The Gardella Vampire Hunters series by Colleen Gleason


Thrilling and Intense Romance

I cannot believe I’m only beginning this terrific series. How did I miss it?


The Rest Falls Way transcends usual paranormal romance. I couldn’t put it down. Max was an incredible character. He was strong and had downfalls. Victoria threw me for a loop. As I continued to read, there was twist after twist. This story moves quickly and is an excellent thriller with intense romance. I loved it, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

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Reviewed by Laurie Kozlowski

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Books #2-5 of the Gardella Vampire Hunters series


Book #2


Book #3


Book #4


Book #5

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Colleen Gleason is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author who can’t seem to decide what type of book to write…so she writes a lot of different genres!

So far, Colleen has written everything from vampire hunters to dystopian romance, to steampunk, historical romance, and mysteries with a supernatural flair. One element, however, that appears in all of her stories, is that of partnership…whether it be professional, romantic, or both.

All of Colleen’s books feature strong heroines experiencing fast-paced adventures, danger, mystery, and of course, romance. But at the core of each story is the belief that every woman deserves a partner who accepts her for her strengths as well as her weaknesses—and vice versa.

Colleen lives in the midwest United States with her family and two dogs, and is always working on her next book.

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@LaurieKozlowski ‘s Review of “A Lick of Flame” by AD Marrow #horrorfiction #suspense #romancebooks #amreading

In the battle between good and evil, there are angels, there are demons… and then there’s Dane Mason.

President of the Kill Devil Crew, his fighting skills are legendary both in Heaven and Hell. When a high ranking demon taps him for a prime spot down under, Dane must pull out all the stops to protect the town of Graves Hollow but more importantly, to save the soul of the one woman he can’t live without.

Where Dane destroys, Emme Rooney heals. Physician’s Assistant Emme sews up the members of Kill Devil Crew when the things that go bump in the night lash out. Dane knows loving him could get her killed, but her hands on his body sends him reeling out of control.

Dane pushes her away time and time again, only to be drawn back to her flame. Will his desire blind him to the real danger surrounding him?

Review of A LICK OF FLAME (Kill Devil Crew, Book One)

A Lick of Flame Cover AD Marrow

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Five of Five Stars

* * * * *

A Graphic, Gritty, Deliciously Dark and Dangerous Romance

A Lick of Flame left me riveted and edgy. I couldn’t believe the grittiness within the pages of A Lick of Flame, but the richness of the story and was absolutely mesmerizing. For me, since I read a lot of feel-good romances, it was sort of like noticing someone who is injured in an accident and coming to their aid, though I’m terrified of the wreckage around them and the fatal wounds to their body. If this light description makes you queasy…be prepared for this sinister mystery romance to hold you captive and push your boundaries concerning horror and romance. It is well worth the read to connect with the characters cast in this story.

Dane is leader of the Kill Devil Crew, a group of outlaws fighting demons who are trying to take over the world with evil, gruesome murders, and violence. His heart belongs to Emme…a woman he could potentially kill, but who also has the job of mending the members (including Dane), of the Kill Devil Crew, when they incur injuries from fighting the demons.

I can usually go into great detail about the plot and story and characters, but simply put–you just have to read this book to digest the decadence of all the layers. There is so much to appreciate about Dane, his ultimate mission for his crew and for his love, Emme. It is clear this series will revolve around the crew and males mostly, instead of highlighting the lead females. Or at least it was that way in this book. All the men in the crew are badasses, and Dane was hot, skillful, and dominant. The world in A Lick of Flame was dark and suspicious. You will be pulled in, no matter what you normally read, but especially if you love dark horror and mystery with a great and thick plot.

Review by Laurie Kozlowski

**ARC was given by the author in exchange for an honest review. **

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LaOCN by ADMarrow Cover

Go to AD’s Website to view the excerpt for Love and Other Cosmic Nonsense


AD Marrow Bio Pic

A.D Marrow is a  a registered Sapiophile, a proud Geek since before Geek was chic and believes that everyone deserves a happily ever after. She lives in the foothills of North Carolina with her ridiculously hot and amazingly supportive husband, three kids that rock so hard there should be a national holiday for their awesomeness, two really stupid dogs and a plethora of Post-it notes with book ideas to last her until she’s 90. Her childhood dream is realized in the fact that YOU have cause to read her bio. She hopes that one day, it lends her enough credibility to live out her second dream, which is to write an episode of Doctor Who.

Her personal mantra echoes that of Morticia Adams; “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

Book Escape Review of Kiss Me, I’m Home

Kiss Me, I’m Home – ON AMAZON

An Amazing Story and Addictive Series

* * * * * 5 Stars

She’s done it again. Bella Street has pulled me into the enchanting and very mysterious world of magical suspense and mystical romance.

Morgan, the main character, is a travel agent, often pursued by movie-star looking Hunter and pinned with charming passion by the very shy but sensual Warren. It’s not your average love triangle, though,  as Morgan is potentially drugged before a robbery.

As the stakes are heightened, danger arouses her instinct, and Morgan has to figure out who she can trust while the unraveling of her shady foster-home past looms.

Morgan’s new boss is no help with his super-smarmy attitude and creepy behavior. Her normal life is turned upside down in an instant as an unexpected twist from her past is revealed by a gold coin.

Be prepared to be hurled into the unknown and unexpected alluring story of these characters and their extraordinary world of love, greed, and magic. A must read for anyone who loves the thrill of a good suspense, a touch of dark and enchanting magic, and of course…a sweet and touching romance.

This author kindly offered me a copy of this book after I had bought and reviewed Kiss Me, I’m Irish. I’m buying the rest of the series because I’m hooked!

Reviewed by Laurie Kozlowski , originally on Goodreads on August 27, 2014

About Bella Street:


Living so close to Nashville has provoked Bella to take up fiddle lessons. Until her tunes no longer sound like amorous alley cats, she writes romance with a touch of weird.

– Bella’s Author Website –

– Bella on Goodreads

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